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Diaper Bum

I love the financial market. A bewildering mix of mathematical theories and psychological ideas creates an entity which I can not help but watch and study. Yesterday I explicitly sat down to trade, and over the span of six hours managed to obtain some of the best returns I ever had. The downside was this trading session went from 8 pm until 2 past midnight.

On the drive into work this morning, I thought about keeping a trade journal. All of my trading platforms keep track of all the entries and exits, but there is no place to hold onto how I felt at that time or what I saw that made the trade so appealing. A blog fits this niche, although I'm pretty sure that only small fraction of people that read this web log care about what I'm doing in the markets. To that end I hijacked the Order of Magnitude site for my personal log and rant space. It was intended for another project, and since that project has slowed down to a crawl for the summer, I figured I might as well use the URL. It's equipped with an RSS feed, should you use tools to help you with that sort of thing.

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