Photo Catchup


I'm caught up on my photo editing.  After being in BC for a wedding, I made time this afternoon (and most of the evening) to go through my photos and get some online.  The most notable set is the Ireland photos, from my trip out to Andy's wedding this summer.  I dutifully packed around my GPS as well, so each photo is tagged with where it was taken as can be seen by flickr's map.


Git’r Done

Falls by the Tent

I find myself thinking that I should write more stuff down.  The desire this website fills is to have a lasting memory of what was happening at certain points in my life.  It is no surprise that right now, I'm very busy.  I'll try to break down the highlights.

The van Zwaaij family and I went to Peru to finish off May.  The trip ran the spectrum from amazingly beautiful and relaxing to very sketchy and nerve wracking.  Over the time, I filled my Moleskine with notes, and took around 3200 pictures.  The set has been distilled down to a select flickr set.  I was also packing my GPS for the entire trip, and as a result was able to map the photos.  I also merged the track logs from the Inca trail and created a Google Earth KMZ file.  The trip was nice, although travelling outside of Lima means that Canadian Blood Services wants nothing to do with me for a whole year.

Another highlight of the last few months is the new addition to the household: Riley.  Our American Staffordshire Terrier is a cuddly one.  She is very content just being close to us, and quite often we indulge her by sitting on the floor so she can sit or sleep on our lap.  She's decently house broken, although she's good for an accident every couple of days.  Already she tipped the scale at 28 pounds, and judging from her paws she has more room to grow.

In other business news, the Beefyapps guys have released Version 1.1 of the iPhone Soundboard: BeefyBoard.  The upgrade to OS 3.0 was not without it's hangups, and we ended up re-writing the recording portion of the application.  We also added some community type features with ratings and comments, as well as the ability for a designer to link sound boards to skins.  We've ramped up on our next project, which is going to be a game, so stay tuned.

Finally, I'm off to Ireland on Thursday.  Andy and Sarah are getting hitched, and I'm making the voyage to be there.  The camera and kidneys will get a workout I'm sure.  Hopefully this trip won't take a month and a half to get the photography up.


West Coast Photos

2008-08-11 at 12-21-37

The pile of photos that were taken on the trip out to the west coast of Canada, has been reviewed and submitted to triage. Right now a show of the peopleless photos can be viewed on flickr by clicking here.


Update: Complete

Morning of Day 2

A common theme amongst my family members is that they can't easily get to my photos since the move to WordPress. Clicking on the images is not self evident, so I decided to put the flickr badge back in the sidebar. Logging into the administration area, WordPress' usual message that I was out of date was hung at the top of the page, and as soon as I saw it, I figured that I would also want to update that as well. I installed WordPress using Dreamhost's wizzy one-click install, so I figured that I would check them out to see if they had something to help in this area.

Since I've made the switch to Dreamhost a few years ago, I've been very impressed by them. Again, they did not disappoint. Under their one-click management page, there is a simple button that says upgrade. Clicking on it will tell you where all your backup files will be placed, and confirming that you've read it they tell you that it will be done by their happy robot in a 10-15 minutes. By the time I brought my e-mail up, the upgrade was done.

A trip through the widget gallery and I had my Flickr badge and Xbox gamer card added back to the sidebar. The upgrade and changes made in less than 15 minutes. The experience brought back memories of running the server myself, and having to do upgrades manually.


I’m back

New Year Narangs

I haven't been posting much lately, as most of my time sitting in front of this computer was spent in making the new snazzy theme you see before you. A little bit of time in Photoshop, a little more on CSS and the biggest section spent on trying to get it to look the same between IE, Firefox and Safari. As far as looks go, this is about as far as it's going for the time being.

The switch to mephisto was really pleasant. Their use of the Liquid template engine was a little awkward at first, then I realized that even though there is an interface to edit the design with a browser, I didn't need to use it. As soon as I got dug in on my local copy with TextMate I was chewing through problems about as fast as I could find them. Please have a look about, and let me know if you see something awry.

The work on is not finished, however. I still want to get a handle on these plugins that mephisto uses and wrangle up a Tag Cloud liquid filter, as well as a 'Archives' section that works and the snazzy Flickr widget to showcase my photo stream.

If you'd like to grab a hold of my theme as a starting point of your own, you can grab it out of my subversion repository here. Do enjoy