A Night in Passing


The candle has definitely been burned at both ends, and it also spent some time in the oven so it barely looks like it's former self.. This morning the radio buzzed the sleep from me, and as I lay in bed contemplating a smash of the snooze, or actually liberating myself from my bed, I could not help but listen to the radio personalities chatter. Today is the first day of Summer.

Five months, twenty days and (for me) eight and a half hours into this year and I can't believe that it's summer already. We've almost reached the half way point of the year. These thoughts rolled over my foggy mind, and I couldn't help but wonder where the year has been going.

A lot has been going on, as usual. My certificate cource is completed, and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to manage time limited endeavor to create a unique product, service or result. I learned a load from the various instructors that I had during the five and a half months it took to complete. Some of the ideas have even followed me back to the work place, and I am definitely better armed with the vocabulary to speak with other Project Managers.

Landing on the same weekend was the Company Picnic at the Zoo, as well as my Mother's trek to southern Alberta. Ma made the voyage to bring down a share of some AAA beef. The meat hasn't even spent a week in the freezer here, but already it more proved its worth. A little worry was dancing in my brain when I knew that the Mother unit was coming into town. Usually when she resides in the house, some sort of project manages to make itself happen. Bathrooms get renovated, fences get replaced, and entire buildings get painted when she's in town. Even though her generosity keeps everything moving, and more than lessens the burden of whatever we are doing, inevitably her visits cost a lot of money. Mother nature decided to throw some rain our way, so we our activities were limited to some much needed yard work, and a pile of shopping. We hit a great deal of stores down in the furniture district, until finally settling on a five piece dinette set. The dinette set is much needed, because the one I have currently is a more dangerous trap than a tree full of ninjas. The legs barely hold the top above the ground, and perhaps now my Uncle can eat dinner without running the risk of bodily harm. An evening of movies, popcorn and some chit chat even managed to find it's way into this visit, proving that we can have a visit, and just relax. Ma, I'm so proud of you.

Up coming in the next while is some camping for the weekend, some dreaded plumbing to fix a long time leak, and a pile of one-on-one meetings to straighten out some business. That stampede is coming to town again, and I'm sure the world will just zip on by until I wake up one morning and wonder what happened to July.


I need to upload to the Interweb

Hmmmm Strawberry

I have noticed that as the days become longer and warmer, I have been spending more and more time outside and as a result less and less time inside. As a result I run a higher risk of memories not being imprinted on the Internet, and being lost in the cloud of forgetfulness.

Spring brought me a shoddy yard that needed a lot of TLC, and I've moved earth, seeded, watered, planted, constructed and cut my back yard and I'm starting to see the fruit of the labor poking above the topsoil. I have been pushing my reel mower over my small yard, and the dandelions have been beating my new grass upwards. The grass is finally starting to thicken up and with my help it may win the war with the weeds.

I've reached the end of my journey completing my certificate course though U of L. It's been time consuming, having to sacrifice a couple of days every second week. Although, a lot was learned during the last few months and I'm sure this weekends wrap-up simulation is going to be a lot of fun.

Coming down the pipe, we have the company BBQ at the Zoo on the same weekend as Ma is coming down with some beef. Getting prepped for her arrival, getting a project out the door at work, and finding some time to relax is going to fill up the rest of this week.


Where’s Wes?

By the Firelight

It has been quite some time since I have found time to sit and write. Quite a bit has happened, since I last dumped myself to the internet. As a result, this is going to be all over the place, and very shallow

  • Auntie Nene, and Uncle Ed came by the abode on either end of their vacation. It was a nice visit, and either they enjoyed themselves, or they faked it very well. I'll be able to tell if they ever come back
  • The yard looks completely different. We finished the raised garden and have it planted. Furthermore, the three yards of loam that we picked up is either in the garden, or is spread around the yard. It was about as much fun as...well spreading around three cubic yards of loam can be. We have seeded the grass a couple times, and how have a million green little spear heads poking out of the ground. Soon the lawn will be thick and green and I'll be sick of cutting it.
  • I purchased a motorcycle. I purchased a 2003 Buell XB9S, and am absolutely loving it. I got the bike at a great deal considering how rare it is, and all it needs was a little love. I've already changed out the motor and fork oil, I'm equipped to change out the transmission oil, and all that will be remaining is a new set of tires. I managed to survive all the "I'm going to buy a black dress and wait for the police to call" jokes from the women in my family, and now have rekindled the love I have for riding.
  • I'm nearing the end of my MCPM course. We just finished the eighth session, and only have the final session and the simulation remaining. I've learned a boat load, and wished that I had taken the course before I was given actual projects to manage, but I'm still very glad that I'm taking it now. Although it will be very nice to once again take control of my weekends and not have to sacrifice a half here and a half there.
  • Changes are brewing professionally. One of my secondary incomes has changed some of the rules, thus making it much less appealing. After much internal debate, I'm moving more effort into the third, ditching the second, and adding a new one. If you know me well, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, why not pick up the phone now and again?
  • We went out camping to Old Man River on the long weekend. As is usual with car-camping, a lot of time was spent in setting up camp (which I termed: Tarp City by weekend's end), and way-way-WAY too much time cooking and eating food next to the campfire. The weather was really co-operative, and I'm getting excited to do more camping and backpacking throughout the summer.
  • I picked up a Water Rower and have been rowing odd morning to get back into a better shape. I'm in shape, but right now it's more 'tube-steak' than 'chiselled-rock'. I managed to get a discount from the sales guy, but Fed-Ex evened the score with the largest shipping bill I've ever had. It wasn't a heavy package, but the rails are seven feet long, and I guess that's hard to stack up. So far, I love it. It's quiet, sturdy, and quite a nice looking piece of hardware.

The next few days are looking to be hectic as well: Another MCPM session, a Smashening, motorcycle maintenance, yard work and a 'sales meeting' have to slide in around the day job, sleeping and eating before the next weekend is finished.


Another Weekend Is Dead

Storms a brewin'

The last few days flew by much faster than desired. Every night of the week was filled with a miniature adventure.

Most recently I spent the end of the week attending classes for my Master's Certificate in Project Management, and as usual it was a very educational. This was the fourth session where we learned about Procurement of materials and services, and I found the whole area of 'Contract A' and 'Contract B' and how you go about evaluation of vendors and bids was very interesting. Furthermore, I have discovered that Calgary's weather is on a two week cycle that corresponds to the two week cycle of my course. It seems that whenever the Weather in Calgary is due to be absolutely spectacular for a couple of days, those are the days I'm due to be indoors sacrificing half of my weekend.

Friday night we went out to celebrate Sonja's birthday at Classic Jack's. It was a fun time and a good deal of people cycled through to say hello and wish their best. I definitely had a good time catching up with everyone, but in hindsight a measly six hours of sleep was barely sufficient to keep me alert during Contract Law thankfully my friend caffeine was there to ensure my wakefulness.

Saturday after my class, we met up with the usual gang for another battle involving the Roughnecks. We were triumphant over the Sting, and after a long drought we now face two games in two weeks. Hopefully we can improve on our third place standing.

Today was a nice relaxing day, with a sleep-in, followed by a visit with Peter, and a viewing of TMNT. The movie was just as cheesy as I had expected. It brought me back to my after school cartoon days, and the CGI was phenomenal. I'm not sure if it was worth the big-screen, big-sound price, but it was entertaining. For a PG flick it did have a pretty twisty plot, and they did a pretty faithful job bringing the Turtles back.

Now, I'm standing at the end of another weekend, with another packed week ahead of me. It isn't all stacked on the working side of the coin, as I do have an evening watching Nelly Furtado in the Saddledome. Keeping on this pace, I'm sure I'll be turning around and March will be gone.


Short Weekend


It has almost become expected for me to complain about the weekend being over, and I wouldn't want to disappoint. This weekend was especially short, being that the restful portion of the weekend was only a single day.

I've been attending classes for a Master's Certificate in Project Management which is put on by the University of Lethbridge. The course is very enlightening, and after only two sessions I have already learned a great deal about how to properly run a project. The difficulty around the course is that to accommodate working professionals and weekend lovers, the course straddles weekdays and weekends. So until June, every second weekend is going to be a little shorter.

The course didn't stop me from getting out and enjoying myself. On Friday night, the usual crew attended the Roughnecks game at the Saddledome. We were hosting the Toronto Rock, and they beat us down quite bad at the start, and our come-back wasn't there resulting in a 12-9 score in their favor. At the time I was quite dissapointed, but it turns out that we beat them on their home turf to a final score of 17-13.

Saturday night Sonja and I attended a fund raising benefit for a young man who has been found to have terminal cancer. His wish is to take an Alaskan cruise with his family, so the benefit was to raise funds to have the best damn cruise ever. A silent auction, a long drive contest some appetizers and a Flames game on the big screen all come together at Schank's north for a rather nice evening.

Sunday was my only day off, and I spent most of it getting through my list of things to do. I fixed the house's downspouts so my backyard will no longer be a skating rink, I changed my oil, and replaced some bulbs in the Buick. If you think that changing bulbs is a trivial task, try changing the rear low beams on a 2000 Buick. I wish you all the best. After the outdoors stuff was done, I had Sonja help me out with some Photography, then I edited some pictures while plowing through a massive chunk of laundry. After everything was completed, it was almost time for bed. Just enough time to squeeze in a viewing of Office Space